Clever Minds Direct is a ground breaking and innovative educational company that is committed to ensuring that each child is given an equal opportunity to excel. To do this we need, to enable teachers, parents and learners with an ability, to overcome barriers to education and instil a positive and practical theory of change which will lead to improved learning. This is echoed in our vision of :

Every Child will pass maths, and Every Child will have access to a high standard of quality early learning and education

To achieve our vision, we concentrate on teacher development and exciting classroom methodologies that stimulate fun, innovation, imagination, collaboration and raised standards in mathematics and Early Childhood Development. Our programmes drive dynamic and world class purpose which allow for, a constant, consistent sense of focus, a strong base of concepts and development goals and a motivated and enthused team of inspired teachers and learners

Magic Maths

Magic Maths is our teacher programme which facilitates “learning through practical based” application. The programme drives the grounding of mathematical concepts and topics through a unique methodology of "If you can see it, you can do it" and "Show me and I understand"

Magic Buddies

Magic Buddies is a country first. It is a peer to peer network program for learners by learners. The program selects talented mathematics learners and appoints them as mentors. Each mentor is shadowed with learners who need academic support in mathematics in order to increase the performance and grades


Our IP owned Caps 4 Caps program is a ground breaking opportunity to create a Community cohesion initiative in a united drvie to ensure all young children earn a graduation cap from nursery school in order to better prepare them for the formalised CAPS curriculum


Clever Minds Direct has enjoyed notable success in the large and growing South African education market. Our competitive advantage is derived from the uniqueness, superiority and effectiveness of our programmes and products, our low cost base, agility in the market and our deep commitment to make a sustainable impact and difference in people’s lives and education as a whole.

We believe, that education is the process of giving or receiving of systemic instruction, it is the wealth of knowledge acquired by an individual after being taught or studying a particular subject matter. It is also the experiencing of life lessons that provide an understanding of something that ignites the cycle of ‘learning to learn’ and thus being equipped for life.

To make this happen, we need a great school where only the best is good enough. Quality is expected and nothing less is acceptable. Passion for excellence is a driving force, each and every day, from all teachers who are teaching. A school such as this has a knowledgeable, strong and competent team of teachers who work together, pushing themselves and their learners to be the best. Failure is not an option.

Through knowledge sharing, support, friendship, mentoring and values based training, our programme strives to ensure that every school is a treasure, a trove of knowledge, and every child that attends this school has an opportunity to be the best that they can be. It ensures that every learner is empowered to follow their dreams, desires and ambitions because they have been given the education they deserve to get them there.

Clever Minds, lives by this belief in everything we do and in every lesson, activity and curriculum implementation which we support and enable. Our role is to, empower teachers and learners to be able to achieve standards and success they could previously only dream of.

Together, we can achieve educational success.